The Saratoga Inn is a top-reviewed destination bed & breakfast on Whidbey Island. Working with proprietors Jim & Jenny Pensiero, I created an elegant and usable content management system and mobile site.

A showcase for stunning views and cozy accomodations

Saratoga Inn Slideshow

My initial research into Saratoga Inn’s audience made it very clear that what guests most enjoyed about the Inn was the stunning views of the Cascade mountains and Saratoga Passage, as well as cozy fireplaces with wine and chocolate service.

Better design through planning

Sitemap - Saratoga Inn [v3]

We took a look at the Inn’s existing content, decided what additional content was needed, and finally organized it into a sitemap. This helped us make better design decisions based on content.

Custom admin area

Saratoga Inn Slideshow

Photos are core to Saratoga Inn’s content, so I built a completely custom editor to allow Saratoga Inn staff to show off the best of what this seaside inn has to offer.

Custom – and customizable

Saratoga Inn Customizer

Logos and branding colors can change, so in addition to original design work for the website, I added custom controls for text and background colors as well as the ability to upload a new logo file as needed. The result is an inn website that can adapt to fit the needs of the season.