In December 2017, baker and cookbook author Jen Katzinger (Flying Apron Bakery,  Sasquatch Publishing) hired me to design her custom cake website.



We decided to budget a good chunk of time to getting some high quality photos of Jen’s work. That task ultimately fell to me, and I really had a lot of fun taking all of the cake and dessert photos.


Competition review

We took a close look at competitors’ websites. Based on what we found, we felt that one of Jen’s key strengths was in her commitment to local ingredients. So we designed an area of the site that listed every farm that provides local ingredients for Jen’s cakes.


Content strategy

Being a professional writer, Jen had written most of the content herself. I helped her to edit and organize it, to make sure it spoke directly to her audience.


Visual CMS

Jen also needed the ability to adjust layout and edit every bit of text on the page. We found a content management system (CMS) solution to allow her to do just that.