Without exaggeration, Annie Jesperson and Nathaniel Talbot are both highly productive farmers as well as assets to our island community. They are also enterprising business owners.

Showcasing the bounty

Deep Harvest produce earns top-notch reviews from local shoppers and restaurants. Somewhat uniquely, the farm also offers certified organic seeds so that gardeners can share in the bounty.

Secure and convenient online ordering

I helped Annie and Nathaniel create an online store for their farm and seed business. Now anyone, anywhere in the USA can order Deep Harvest seeds securely and conveniently.

Modern payment technology ensures customer credit card data is kept safe at all times. Because payment information is sent directly to the payment processor, credit card information never touches Deep Harvest’s servers. That’s one less thing for a busy farm to worry about.

Every seed in its place

Draft sketch of product categories in-progress

With almost a hundred distinct products in varying sizes — and more to come! — it was essential we got it right, in terms of product categories and organization.

Time spent on upfront research and discovery allowed us to collaborate on finding the best ways to present Deep Harvest’s unique product offering.

Painless order fulfillment

To make sure Annie and Nathaniel can quickly get back to farming, we customized the admin area to make a number of mundane tasks much easier, and to keep their accounting team happy.

The order system automatically generates PDF packing slips and customer invoices.

In-state tax calculation is done automatically on checkout without an expensive third-party service. Downloadable quarterly reports are just a click away.

Shipping is also automatically calculated based on location and order value, and can be easily updated for changes in shipping rates and product dimensions.

Bon départ! 🍾

All in all, with a solid foundation to build on, Deep Harvest Farm is well equipped to meet whatever challenges their new venture throws their way. Here’s to Deep Harvest’s continued success in 2018 and beyond.